The Holographic Mirror

A colorful multi-sided structure rests against the playa landscape. Wanderers who have somehow acquired a set of Cosmic Spectacles of Infinity will witness a visual transformation and be drawn towards the colors. If they happen to look through the Spectacles at the structure, it will have grown into a bulbous and giant orb sunken into the desert floor. As the orb draws the wanderers closer, they will notice a doorway and a mirror. ILLUSION, tells the mirror. A note atop the entryway suggests:

*Best viewed with the Cosmic Spectacles of Infinity*
available only from the Seamsters of the Infinite Microcosm.
? Planet @ 00:00 ?

Those without Spectacles will be temporarily equipped inside. As wanderers open the door and push their way through a black curtain, the interior will reveal several stations set against a background of the starry sky. They will traverse the stations and be lead on a sequential exploration of their existence. Each station will have a topic for reflection and a possible explanation, example, or experience. Each topic will have a corresponding art exhibit that, like the text, will seem to come alive under the influence of the Spectacles. Explorers will be posed with ultimately thought-provoking questions and will be drawn into further exploration of their existence, at both a micro and macro level. They will learn about unexplained and altogether dismissed anomalies of time and space. Questions of mysterious connections between our inner and outer worlds will be posed. Participants will come to realize that the lines we draw - the borders of our minds and the barriers of science are not so definite...

Topics of discussion will include:

* We understand little about our universe, our perspective is limited, and there is much we do not see or feel.
* We are part of a vast universe and that universe is part of an even more vast multiverse.
* Everything is alive and has a history. Inanimate does not exist.
* The laws of science we are governed by are not laws but habits based on an ingrained shared perception, and they can be broken.
* Reality is our own creation.
* Unexplained supernatural occurrences, dreams, hallucinations, outer-experiences, and psychedelic voyages are not disconnected or self-contained. They are unexplored alternate realities.
* Induced psychedelic voyages are doorways to a greater perspective of the universe, the self, and the interconnection, and are not to be taken lightly or without care.
* Coincidence is an interpretation, but not the answer. Synchronicity is a constant of reality.
* Our true selves are beyond the physical, beyond the consciousness.
* We can control our vast metaphysiology and its interaction with the worlds around it and inside it.
* We have the ability to heal ourselves and each other.
* We are all connected throughout our multi-verse.
* There must be life elsewhere.

The interior will be lit with solar lighting. We may use blacklights, depending on results from color experimentation. In that case, we might use a small generator. If we do use a generator, we may have an atmospheric sound system that would be inaudible outside of the structure. All stations, the surrounding interior, and the structural exterior will be adorned with 3-D art color-coded to Chromatek. Chromatek is a special type of 3-D color palette that, unlike stereo 3-D (i.e. red/blue), can utilize most colors of the entire spectrum. On a black background, red will appear closest, blue furthest, and the other colors will fall in-between according to their place in the color spectrum (ROYGBIV). Our 3-D art will include painted and printed images and text, mobiles and objects, words and symbols. Chromatek glasses will be anchored to the interior of the structure for those who have not acquired their own pair from our camp. The messages communicated and the questions posed will not be entirely open-ended. They will educate and enlighten, ooh and ahh, inspire and overwhelm.

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