Seamsters of the Infinite Microcosm

Earth @ 4:00

The Seamsters Camp exists for those in need of sewing skills and services. We will provide sewing stations for mending and creating costumes and playa-wear. Damaged garments will be repaired. Boring garments will be improved. Unskilled seamsters and seamstresses will walk away with mastery of the art.

Our camp will also be a homebase for The Holographic Mirror art installation, providing guidance to its location and a place to acquire a pair of Cosmic Spectacles of Infinity. The Spectacles are needed to truly experience The Holographic Mirror but will also provide a different perspective of other playa art and our colorful city.

* We will provide lessons on threading battery-powered sewing machines and basic sewing techniques.
* We will offer donated fabric and thread for creation and repair of playa-wear.
* We will provide upon request Cosmic Spectacles of Infinity for experiencing The Holographic Mirror art installation and shifting the perspective of the playa.


Clean-up Plan Basics

Before we leave for the desert, we plan three things:

1) We plan to use materials for our campsite that lessen waste, and are recyclable or reusable.

2) We will try to avoid bringing small trinkets, flimsy paper, small feathers (boas) and glass bottles since they typically get left on the playa for others to clean up.

3) We plan to set up camp in a way that is easy to keep clean.

4) We plan the breakdown/cleanup of our camp in detail, accounting for every board, stake and scrap, by packing in all the necessary tools for clean-up.

We hereby designate Whit Anderson & Ian Vogel as the camp LNT experts, this persons will ensure that our camp stays clean before, during and after the event. They will also be given the task of making our camp fun and spontaneous, yet clean. They will get help with the cleanup from fellow BRC residents if and when it is needed. They will also take part in planning our purchases and encourage us to reuse / recycle / reduce. They will be there when it’s time to take down and sweep our camp for every last trace and will make sure everything left goes with us.

To minimize our impact on the Playa, we will follow these rules:

1) We pledge to Leave No Trace in and around our campsite, including our own and others waste. We will plan to put time aside for the cleanup, and plan the assembly and takedown of our structures and decorations to simplify their removal. We will keep our recyclabes, burnables, and non-burnables separated for easier disposal, recycle our aluminum, and avoid bringing glass to the Playa.

2) We will clean as we go, realizing that any trash or MOOP(matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment. We have assigned volunteers to check around camp daily for loose MOOP. We will take care of any trash left by our guests, invited or otherwise.

3) We won’t light fires on bare ground. If we must burn, we’ll use a public burn barrel or burn platform and follow the safety guidelines for fires and burn scar prevention. We’ll sweep up and haul out the ashes.

4) We won’t dig holes more than 6 inches in diameter or trenches.

5) We will keep all items tied or weighted down, and leave papers at home.

6) We will leave extra space in every vehicle on the way to the desert, knowing that repacking will inevitably take up more space. We will take all trash in sealed containers to a landfill on the way home. After cleaning our camp, everyone in our camp will devote at least two hours to the general city cleanup (e.g. trash fence, local port-o-potties, cafe, etc).

6) We will pack out everything and we won’t put any trash into the port-o-potties or leave any trash near the potties.

We will bring the following items for our Camp’s Clean-up Day (Sunday)

- Flat-blade shovel
- Big whiskbroom
- 5-gallon bucket and mesh bag for wet kitchen scraps.
- Separate containers for recyclables, burnables, and nonburnables.
- Rope and string for tying loose stuff down.
- Small spare bags for collecting trash as we wander.
- Lots of industrial strength trash bags, more than we think we’ll need!
- Cheap work gloves for everybody.
- Long-handled sledgehammer for compacting in 5-gallon buckets and driving stakes.
- Altoids boxes for smokers butts.
- Vise grips for removing stakes and rebar. Magnets for picking up small pieces of metal - Directions and hours of landfills.


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